There was a time I could shop the farmer’s markets free from a nagging craving for pasta.  But that was before I discovered Pensi Pasta at the Wednesday market downtown.  Over 20 varieties, made fresh each week with ingredients sourced locally.  Amazing.  Owner Evette Lecce always has a friendly suggestion for pairing the perfect pasta and sauce, but nothing has knocked my socks off like the smoked salmon ravioli paired with sundried tomato cream sauce I made this week.  So rich, flavorful and satisfying, maybe it was a bit decadent, but worth every bite.  And with so many options, who knows what exciting new culinary discover next week will bring.

Pensi Pasta which means “think pasta” in Italina, is sold at the AptosMonterey, Downtown, and Live Oak markets, so you never have to go far to find it.