Few things spell comfort like homemade cookies and milk, or Pure Creations case, kombucha and kale chips.  Here in Santa Cruz, healthy, organic food is simply part of the landscape and we’re lucky to enjoy an abundance of creative talent just waiting to deliver.

Pure Creations Community Commercial KitchenIt was to this eager audience in September that Café La Vie founder Yeyen Gunawan and her partner Kelly Dearie of Creative Cultures opened the doors to their latest venture, Pure Creations Community Kitchen, effectively presenting us with a smart new model of cooperative entrepreneurism.

If you’re a Santa Cruzan, you probably know La Vie, either as the cute vegan café formerly housed on Front Street or more recently as the kitchen and caterer renowned for their delectable vegan offerings.   And you may have tried Creative Cultures hearty beet kvass or raw cilantro-mint pesto at one of the local markets.   Like-minded women with strong shared synergy, Gynawan and Dearie took a look at a burgeoning trend and saw an opportunity for something bigger.

Thus Pure Creations Kitchen was born.  Pure Creations models a unique new business ecosystem that hasn’t been done before, it’s a combination business incubator and cooperative kitchen, where healthy new food products are innovated, launched and marketed using the tried and true sales channels pre-established by Gynawan and Dearie through their separate ventures.

But that’s just the business-speak.  Pure Creations is much more than that.  This company is committed to recognizing lifestyle needs unique to working moms unwilling to go the hands-off route that is too often their only option.   Out of this former industrial space, Gynawan and Dearie have fashioned their dream kitchen, complete with a fermentation and drying room, lounge and play area for kids, and also offering an opportunity for sharing resources with other members.

The timing is perfect.  The growing demand for natural and organic products has transformed a small market niche into a double-digit growth sector throughout the US.   So forget the milk and cookies, with options like delectable Chocolate Haystack Macaroon Balls and Vanilla Coconut Almond Milk, healthy alternative eating is becoming a choice rather than requirement.

And this exciting venture is just beginning to blossom.  So far, Pure Creations has initiated a collaboration with Santa Cruz Local Foods, with room for more new business partners or tenants to occupy the space and share their healthy organic, vegetarian and often gluten-free offerings with a growing local market.    It’s a unique and progressive design whose time has come.

Learn More: http://purecreationskitchens.blogspot.com/