Local, seasonal cupcakes?  Oooh la la!!  With choices like raspberry red velvet, blood orange earl grey and vanilla hibiscus, you may find normal, everyday occasions suddenly cupcake-worthy.  Buttercup Cakes are made with mostly local, organic and seasonal ingredients by a three generation creative team of North Coast residents:  Jan Wilson, her daughter Carron Dixon and her 14-year old granddaughter (Carron’s daughter) Hannah Wilson James, who is the mastermind behind many of the recipes.

Buttercup Cakes and Farm House FrostingThe cupcakes are divine, with fabulous vegan and gluten-free options galore.   Needless to say,  this charmingly nostalgic little shop is a sweet reminder of just how delicious local living can be.

To try:  Buttercup Cakes and Farm House Frosting
Address:  109 Locust St., Santa Cruz
Phone:  466-0373