Among the fabulous natural chefs and nutritionists in Santa Cruz, Talya Lutzker stands unique.  Her resume is extensive, her style is distinctive and her joyful approach to life is contagious.  It’s also teachable, in the form of the Ayurvedic Cleanse she’s perfected in her classes and private sessions, and now made even more available through her new cookbook, The Vegan Ayurvedic Kitchen

If you’re not familiar with Ayurvedic philosophy, Talya describes it as a practice with a strong basis in self-awareness, which she explains as the most important step on the path to good health.  Close second, of course, is food.

Whether you catch one of upcoming November events, join one of her yoga classes, or visit her at Aushadi, her once a month free clinic for people who can’t afford holistic health care, Talya’s buoyant and positive energy will leave you glad you did!

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