If good health is on your radar, here’s an easy one for ya: sprouts. I’ve been gradually adding sprouts to any meal that will have them, thanks largely to my friends at New Natives growers of all things spoutable. I discovered these vitamin-packed goodies at the Cabrillo Market, and since I’ve started eating them daily, even adding a mid-week stop at the Wednesday market to get my fix. It’s worth the trip! I use them in salads, smoothies,  stir fries or just straight up. Delicious!

Sprouts abound with antioxidants, they are full of protein, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. And talk about good for you: ounce for ounce they provide more nutrients than any other whole food known. Sprouts also contain beneficial enzymes, requiring less digestive energy so they actually invigorate you while your body processes them.

It’s pretty easy to sprout just about any seed, grain or bean yourself, as I learned at a  recent Love Apple Farms sprouting class, especially when you start with  fresh, high quality seeds. Which brings me back to our local Freedom-based sprout specialists, New Natives. Over the past 20 years this sustainable organic grower has produced thousands of pounds of sprout from organic seed, natural sunlight and clean water. Their sunflower sprouts and bean mix are my weekly staples – I’ve actually been known to visit 3 markets in one week to find ‘em. Sounds slightly obsessive? You may want to hold the eye-rolling ‘til you see for yourself, like our old friend Hippocrates advised: “Let food by thy medicine”. What better place to start?

To Try: www.newnatives.com, or pick up a Green Sprout Kit and grow your own!